Login on the WebMail user interface

  1. Open your internet browser
  2. Please enter the following adress into the adress line of your browser, which is adapted to your own domain: mail.domainname
  3. There appears the following registration window.
    Login with your own yusername and passwort which is given by your administrator
    Username = your complete mail adress (including the words after the @)
    Password = your own password,which is given by your administrator

  4. If your login was correct, you see the user interface to the first time.
    At the left side you see folders like your inbox, trash or draft folder.
    At the top of the screen you see buttons to manage your mails. For example zu write/answer a mail.
    If you get am mail you see some details (sender, topic ect.) about this mail in the upper part of the main window.
    When you click on a mail you see the content of this mail in the lower part of the main window.

  5. If you want to finish your session please use the logout button at the left top of the screen.