How I provide a filter

  1. Open your internet browser and login at your WebMail user interface.
  2. Select the menu "settings" at the top right of your monitor (next to the logout button).

  3. After you click on the menu "settings" a new window appears at the centre of your monitor. Some quick links are displayed on this page. Select the link "click here to edit your filters".

  4. On the next window, click on the button " new filter" (for this window there is no picture).
  5. On the next step you can create some rules for your filter.
    At first:
    Give your filter a name and check, that the checkbox is enabled. Otherwise your filter will not work.
    • Matches
      This settings control your filters. Here you can define by which criterions a defined action should be done.
      For example:
      All mails where the sender is Mustermann should be drop in the spam folder.
      Notice: You also can define more than one criterion.
      To add an criterion click on de green plus sign.
    • Actions
      Here you can define what the filter should do, when a criterion is fullfilled.
      In our example:
      The mail should be drop in the spam folder. (This action is selectable in the drop down menu)
      Here you can also define more than one action. To add an action click on the green plus sign.

  6. Now the configuration is finished. Click on the "save changes" button to finish the configuration.