How I provide me a away message?

  1. Open your web browser and login at your WebMail user interface.
  2. Select the "settings" button at top right of your monitor/screen.

  3. After you click on the menu "settings" a new window appears at the centre of your monitor. Some quick links are displayed on this page. Select the link "click here to edit your filters".

  4. In the next window click the "new responder" button. (for this window there is no picture in here).

  5. A new window appears in which one you can set the options how your filter should work.
    • Matches
      Based on the fact, that you plan to create a away message, which should answer your incoming mails when you are out of office or in holiday, it might be good when this mail generally is send to all mails which are incoming in the time out of office.
    • Actions
      Here the option "answer is a standard definition. Now you have to enter just only the text that you want to tell the persons which writes you a mail when you are out of office.
    • Day between subsequent responses
      With this option you solve the following problem:
      You got a few mails per day from one and the same person. With this option you can define how often the sender gets a away message from you. When you set the option as 1 (minimum) the sender gets only one away message from you regardless how many mails he write to you at this day.

  6. Now the configuration is finished. Click on the "save changes" button to finish the configuration.