How I provide me a mail forwarding to another mail address?

  1. Open your web browser and login at your WebMail user interface.
  2. Select the "settings" button at top right on your monitor/screen.

  3. Now you see a lot of quick links at the main window. Use the link for "edit your webmail options " to insert a signature.

  4. In the next window click the "new Filter" button (for this window there is no picture in here).
  5. A new window appears in which one you can set the options for your filter.
    Firstly: enter an name for your filter and set the checkbox next to "enable" like true.
    • Matches
      In this field you can define the criterions for your felter. If you want, that all mails should be forwarded, click the red minus sign.
      The fields which were there before disappears and the text "all messages" appears.
      In this settings you can also select other criterions. But in this manual we want a forwarding for all mails.
    • Actions
      Here you have two possibilities to forward your mails.
      At first:
      The option "forward to". Here it is possible to attach a text to the mail which should be forwarded.
      At second:
      The Option "redirect to". Here you must only enter the mail address to which the mails should be forwarded.

  6. To finish the settings click the "save changes" button at the end of the site.