How can I create a new table?

Scroll to the end of the phpMyAdmin-page. Fill in the form Create new table on database ****. Fill in the name of the new table and the number of fields the table should have.

Every field must get difined. Enter the name of the appropriate field. Type means the type of data of the content. You have reams of alternatives. The five most important types are:

VARCHAR: For strings
TEXT: For longer text
INT: For numerical values
TINYINT: For short numerical values
BLOB: For longer numerical values

Normally you will only need these five types.

At Length/Values* you enter, how many characters a entry may have at most. If you define a limit of 10, not more than 10 characters can be filled in.

At Null you can choose between not null and null. Not null means, that the field may not stay blank when someone sets up a new data record. Null means, that something could be filled in, but it is not necessary.

At Extra you can choose the setting auto_increment. This setting only makes sense for fields with the data type INT, TINYINT or BLOB. auto_increment means, that the next higher number as the last entered one will be filled in automatically. So consecutive numbers get allocated. E.g., the last entered data record has the number 50, so the next one will automatically get the number 51.

Every table needs a unique primary-key. You can set the key by clicking the box underneath the key-icon (fig.4 ➀). There may just one primary-key per table. You have also the possibility to choose the setting unique (fig.4 ➁). That means a content may not get repeated in another field. The primary-key of a table is unique and is set auto_increment automatically.


You can add more fields to the table by entering the number of the additional fields in the corresponding box and confirm.

The type of table which is preselect is MyISAM. This is the standard type. Normally you will not need any other type.