How can I export individual tables or databases?

You have to go to the section Admin tools in the TYPO3-Backend and choose the subsection phpMyAdmin. Click Export in the tab-menu on the top (fig.5).


You will find a list of all tables of the database. Click Select all to export the whole database. To choose individual tables, click them with additionally pressed shift (⇧) or strg key (only if you want to choose more than one table). To zip the copy of the database, choose zipped at Compression. Thus the checkbox Save as file is automatically chosen. Enter the name for the copy at File name template. You may not choose a name with spaces. The additional characters underline (_) and Dollar ($) are allowed. Confirm with Ok. The copy is saved on your desktop now.

If you do not want to zip the copy, you will have to choose None at Compression. The checkbox Save as file is not automatically chosen here. Choose Send, enter a name for the copy and confirm with Ok.

To display the whole database in form of SQL-statements, select None at Compressions but do not choose Save as file.