How do I create a FTP access?

  1. Go to the section Control Center in the pluspunkt menu. There you find all contracts you closed with
  2. Click the contract, for which you want to create a FTP access. An own menu for that contract opens. One section is FTP. Within the parentheses beside, there are two numbers. The first one shows, how many accesses already exist, the second one, how many accesses can be created at most.

One access is always already installed for every new contract. That is the Admin-account which has unlimited access. You can not delete this account (How to modify this access please read ‚How do I modify/delete a FTP access’).

  1. Down left you find the button Create new FTP account. Click to install a new access.
  2. Choose in the drop-down-menu Subdirectory for FTP access which access it should be. E.g. fileadmin/css – With such an access, you have access right and permission to write for all CSS files.
  3. Enter a password for the access. For security reasons choose a letter-figure combination at random.
  4. Enter your chosen password again at repeat. You do not have to enter a username, because that happes automatically. You find the name in the list of your contracts each at Username.
  5. Click Store data to create the access. You will get the information now, that the account is saved. All accesses, including the new one, are listed below. Down left you find the button Create new FTP account again.