How do I modify/delete a FTP access?

  1. Go to the section Control Center in the pluspunkt menu. There you find all contracts you closed with
  2. Click the contract, from which you want to modify or delete the FTP accesses. An own menu for that contract opens.
  3. Go to the section FTP. You will get a list of all existing FTP accesses of this contract. Beside every access, there are two buttons:

    • Modify this FTP account
    • Delete this FTP account

    a) To modify an access, click the first button. You have the possibility to modify the rights and the password of the account. Click Store Data to fix the modification.
    b) To delete an account, click the second button. The details to the account will be listed again. Click Delete FTP account to definitively delete the account.

Beside the Admin access there is only the button to modify the account. The account exists automatically right from the start. You can not delete it.