The Domainorderer

The domain orderer is a new concept that will save you a lot of time. Usually if you want to have a new project, you test for a variety of domains within many toplevel domains. And if you are lucky, more than one toplevel domain is free. But to do this, you have to type in domainnames over and over again. With our domainorderer it's different:

  1. you decide for the toplevel domainy you want to check for.
  2. you type in your domain ideas
  3. Check for domains.

That is it. After checking you will immediately see what domains are free to order and what domains are already taken. If you want all free domains, its a single click away from you. For sure you could decide to exclude some of the domains, if you want to.


Below you find an example situation.

  1. The user decided to use .biz, .com, .net, .org as the default toplevel domains to check for.
  2. Than the user decided to test for "mydomain-test" for all of the above toplevel domains. He did so by _not_ entering a toplevel at the end of "mydomain-test".
    He also decided to test only for "", and he decided to check for "" as well. He did so by entering the toplevel domains at the end of his domainidea. As you see, if you enter a toplevel domain with your domainidea, that superseeds your decisions from above.
  3. After klicking "check domains", the system tests for:

In the next step you can than order the available domains, or transfer your domains to pluspunkthosting.