How can I upgrade my current TYPO3-Version?

  1. It might be that when you login into the Backend of your TYPO3 website that you get the following notice (fig. 1).
    To upgrade an old TYPO3 version to a current one, you have to go to the section Admin Tools in the main menu and choose the subsection Install (fig. 2).
fig. 1
fig. 2
  1. You will be asked about your Install Tool Password. Enter your password to start the upgrade.
  1. Please go to the Basic Configuration (menu item 1) (fig. 3) and check if everything is fine (there should be no errors)
fig. 3
  1. Go to the Database Analyzer (menu item 2) (fig. 4) and scroll down a bit to the "Menu" section. Please click on "Compare" (fig. 5) next to "Update required tables" and check, what database updates are neccessary.
    Be carefull when you update your database!
    Now you see a list with some preselected tables which have to be changed because of the upgrade. It might be that there is a list of some unselected tables. These are tables which you do not need anymore after the upgrade. As a precaution, however, you should not delete them, so do not select them. Only delete them if you are REALLY sure.
    It is recommended to execute the following:
    • Clear tables
      • TRUNCATE TABLE cache_hash (if shown) [recommended]. This is just a caching table.
    • Add fields
      • (all) [neccessary for TYPO3 to work correctly]
    • Changing fields
      • (all) [neccessary for TYPO3 to work correctly]
    • Add tables
      • (all) [neccessary for TYPO3 to work correctly]
    Now click "Write to Database"

    Please repeat these steps as long as there are still updates to make or until there are no more checkboxes checked automatically!
    Your are done, when there is a message box with the following content:
    Table and field definitions are OK.
fig. 4
fig. 5

After you clicked "Write to database", it is possible that you still see the list with all the tables you should alter. That should not confuse you. The alteration was conducted.

  1. Go to the section Update Wizard (menu item 3) (fig. 6).
fig. 6
  1. You will se a "changeCompatibilityVersion" box (fig. 7).
    Please click the Next button to continue.
    If you see some checkboxes on the screen to choose different options, choose every option individually or click Check all to choose all checkboxes at once (fig. 8).
    Confirm with Perform Updates.
fig. 7
fig. 8
  1. Now you should see a notification that the Update was successful (fig. 9).
fig. 9
  1. Go again to the section Update Wizard (menu item 3) (fig. 10).
fig. 10
  1. Please scroll down a it to the next box which is called installSystemExtensions (fig. 11). Click the next Button and install them if you want but they are not neccessary to be installed
fig. 11
  1. After you have finished the SystemExtensions please scroll down to the next box which is called installNewSystemExtensions (fig. 12). Installing these Extensions is also optional.
    We recommend to install "Recycler" wich lets you display and undelete deleted content of your website.
    We also recommend to install "t3Editor" if you write your typoscript by yourself.
    Install the rest of the Extensions only if you need them.
fig. 12
  1. After you have finished the newSystemExtensions please scroll down to the next box which is called installVersioning (fig. 13).
    As the text in the box says, please only install this extension if you really need it!
fig. 13
  1. Please go to the last box which is called "Final Step" (fig. 14). This button leads you again to the Database Analyzer (see step 4) to the compare link. Please do the same thing as you did already in step 4.
fig. 14
  1. Go to the section typo3temp/ (menu item 6) (fig. 15).
    Select "1000" in the "Number of files at a time" dropdown list (fig. 16). Select a subfolder in the "sub-directory" list and hit Execute. Repeat this step with all subfolders until you are done. After all sub-directories are emptied, you click once more the Execute button but leave the sub-directory list empty.
fig. 15
fig. 16
  1. Go to the section Clean up database (menu item 7) (fig. 17).
    Hit the Execute button to clean up database entries (fig. 18).
fig. 17
fig. 18
  1. Go to the section Edit files in typo3conf/ (menu item 9) (fig. 17).
    Now click on "Delete temp_CACHED* files" (fig. 18).
fig. 17
fig. 18
  1. Now go to your TYPO3 Backend and click on the flash icon at the right top corner. Then click on "Clear all caches". (fig. 19)
fig. 19
  1. The very last step is to clear your browser cache. A cache contains copys of the content of your website. Please search in the browsers help how to clear the cache or use one of the following shortcuts to do it. There are some shortcuts shown in the list below.

    Browser - shortcut

    Mozilla Firefox
    - Strg + shift (⇧) + R or Strg + F5
    Internet Explorer
    - Strg + F5
    - cmd (⌘) + R
    - Strg + R
    - Strg + R or F5
    Google Chrome - Strg + F5

Extension Upgrade

After the version-upgrade you should ckeck all TYPO3 extensions if they were also upgraded. It is possible that extensions of your old TYPO3 version are incompatible with the new one.

  1. For that purpose go to the section Admin in the main menu and choose the subsection Ext Manager (Extension Manager).
  1. Choose Settings in the drop-down-menu at the head (fig.1).
  1. Click Security Settings at the header: Enable extensions without review (basic security check). Click the corresponding checkbox to select it (fig.2).
  1. Scroll to the end of the page and confirm with Update.
  1. Now choose Import extensions in the drop-down-menu at the head.
  1. Click Retrieve/Update (fig.3).

  1. Finally choose Check for extension updates in the drop-down-menu at the head. There you will find a list of all extensions for which upgrades are available.
  1. Click on the titel of the extension. You will get to the detail view now. Click Import/Update (fig.4).
  1. Some extensions depend on each other, so it is possible that you get again a page with an Update-button after you confirmed. You have to click them as well to ensure a complemented upgrade.

It is possible, that you just see the last page you confirmed with 'Update' again after the upgrade is completed.

  1. The upgrade is completed. You can work with your new TYPO3 version now.