Create a new Mail account as admin

  1. Open your Browser. Please enter the following adress, which is adapted to your own domain, into the adress line of your browser: mail.domainname.
  2. There appears the following registration window.
    Login with your own yusername and passwort which is given by your administrator
    Username = your domain
    Password = is given by your administrator

  3. To create a new mail account it gives two possibilities.
    • First:
      click on the quick link for "manage Accounts" in the main window
    • Second
      click the arrow next to the menu "domains & Accounts" on the left side to display some more links. Select the link "Manage & Accounts"

  4. A new view appers. Here you can create the new user account. But at first you must select your domain from the left table column at the main window.
    After you did this you can click on the button "Add Account" at the top of the main window.

  5. In the next window please enter the first name and the last name of the employee. Afterwards write down the mail adress in the "account name" field, which one the employee wants.
    If you not want to create a new password for every new member by your own, you have the possibility to create random passwords (by clicking on the button set random) which you can give afterwards to the new user.
    Close this assistent with a click in the "quick Add" button.

  6. When you close the assistent you will see the same screen like you saw in step number 4 appears. Click on the "edit" field of any mail adress if you want to change the advance settings.

  7. The advanced settings are shown in a window with 5 registers
    • General
      Here you can change the first name or the last name of the mail user. Additional you see a small overview about the user account, for example over activated services or used storage.
    • Account Aliases
      Here you can enter a synonym for the mail adress. This can be useful if you send some newsletter to all employees. So you can save work, because you not need to enter the whole mail adress.
    • Quotas and Restrictions
      Here you can set the maximum size of the mail inbox or the maximum size of the mail attachment.
    • Webmail Options
      In this register you can change settings about the WebMail user interface. For example select a other language or a other design.
    • Message Filter
      Here you can create (as administrator) an basic spam filter which one is unchangeable from the users

  8. Attention. If you do changes in a register card, you must save this settings bevor you go to another register card. The button to save the settings is alwas at the end of a site.