TYPO3 transfer Guide

  1. Once you have chosen to create your individualized Licht Aus Ext to plan a transfer, you have the choice whether you want to copy the site into a new contract (i.e. create a master project) or copy your data into an existing contract.
  1. Click the link to download LICHT AUS. It will be saved on your local system in the destination folder of your choice.
  1. Once the download is completed, start your TYPO3 session at your old provider and login.
  1. Go to the section Tools in the main menu and choose the subsection Ext Manager (Extension Manager) (fig.1).
  1. Choose Import Extension in the left menu at the head (fig.2).
  1. Click Choose File or, as the case may be, Look up at the end of the page to select the LICHT AUS extension for the upload (fig.3).
  1. To upload LICHT AUS click Upload extension file.
  1. pluspunkthosting.de is connected with your old provider now and transfers your data automatically. You can always check the progress.

You should check your pluspunkthosting.de site to see if your data was transferred completely and error-free from your old provider before you delete your data from your source system!