1. Regulations regarding the content on Partner Websites

Sites in the context of gambling, SMS-services, donation clicks, etc. are not allowed to participate in the partner program of pluspunkthosting.

Sites with erotic, pornografic or extremist (especially right extremist) content or content which violates good customs and conventions are not allowed. Websites violating current law are not allowed.

Advertisings and links for pluspunkthosting may not be placed within pop-ups.

2. Click Provisions

Click provisions will be paid to all partners, whose clicks lead to a service contract with pluspunkthosting. A one-time provision of 10% will be paid to the partner based upon the net value of the first generated invoice for each contract.

Provisions will be paid four months after the contract with the new customer has been successfully established and all due fees have been paid by the customer. The ordering entity (person or company) and the participating partner (person or company) may not be the same.

3. Change of Conditions

punkt.de GmbH reserves the right to modify or terminate the partner program without prior notice, especially if such action is required by applicable laws or executable judicial decision in the future.

Provisions earned before the date of modification or termination will be treated according to the conditions valid prior to the change if legally possible. Modification or termination of the partner program does not inflict any contract between the customer and punkt.de GmbH.

Participation in the partner program does not - independant of the amount of generated contracts - lead to any employment, trade representation or any other legal affiliation with punkt.de GmbH. Participants in the partner program are not authorized to make any statement or commitment on behalf of punkt.de GmbH or to act as an employee, agent or representative of punkt.de GmbH.

punkt.de Gmbh reserves the right to exclude any participant from the partner program after prior notification by email.